Geekayz Now & The Future

Geekayz Now & The Future

Geekayz is an apparel organization set up in 1957. Its specification comprises first-class quality attire in all colors and textures. The team wears disparate sports categories incorporate hockey, soccer, handball, lacrosse, football, and motorbike, etc.


Geekayz ambition is to make an effort to contribute to customer satisfaction. Aimed to make sure provision of elevate and innovative apparel items. To make an effort to encounter the statement owned by our organization.

 Working style

The organization is providing an environment in which employees may work snuggly and profoundly.

  • Division of tasks: Administration of Geekayz attempting to perform productively by conveying assignment to distinctive divisions.
  • Strong Direction: Each department is supervised by a specific director skilled in the related department.
  • Listen to innovative ideas: Geekayz offers the right to employees to discuss their valuable ideas with authorities that results in productivity.
  • Evaluating skills: Geekayz Test the representative’s interest and abilities within the zone of work to create valuable results in less time.
  • Treat equally: Geekayz treats similarly to their workers that make sense that how much a representative likes his work environment and works without time limits. Treated preposterously may cause an individual feeling of resentment and it may influence the industry's performance.


Geekayz centers on importing out raw fabric from trusted providers to protect the quality criteria. Raw material includes fabric buttons threads and zips. Also, designs are arranged by designers and endorsed by specialists. Diverse cutting stages are encased. 

 After this quality is checked which incorporates color checking RIF checking, last assessment GSM, Bleed & Washing Test. Before dispatching, it is applicable to get inspected and cross-checked by supervision proficient before they dispatched to the ultimate destination.R&D is performed with our proficient and capable team and the team manager is facilitated by quality controllers and designers.

Technology is the source that makes use of a limited period in production. our organization is utilizing partnership technologies catered by leading technology supplier companies.

How We are Evolving

Continuous dependency on automation and replacing manual work is the key to success. Increasing demand and modern styling in the embellishment require high-tech machinery and setup. Geeky is not reluctant to change and continuously evolving in its niche.