Raw Materials

Traders De Pak (Geekayz) aimed to provide the best products to their buyers. And spending a lot on research and development and finding the best suppliers of raw material to meet the requirements of the fast-growing sports apparel industry.

Fabric Material

TDP allows their customers a lot of verity to choose. We deal in all type of functional and non-functional Fabrics.


TDP (Geekayz) is importing all of his zippers from well-known suppliers of the world. All the latest ones are part of our attires and apparels.


The suppliers of sewing threads are usually by local companies, but lots of different types of sewing threads are also import from China and Taiwan. Sewing threads are special kinds of yarns that are engineered and designed to pass through a sewing machine rapidly. We always use OKEO TEX & AZO free for our production.


TDP source buttons locally and also importing from other countries to meet the desire style and standards. Our buttons quality provide piece of mind to our buyers.