Human Resources

As per the Vision statement of TDP (Geekayz), we endeavor to create a promising environment based on mutual trust, synergy, loyalty, and the greater good for our partners, consumers, and employees. The Human Resources Department is committed to providing leadership and high-quality service to TDP’s staff by assessing their needs and proactively addressing those needs through developing, delivering, and continuously improving human resource programs that promote and support the TDP’s vision. To create a stable and learning culture where each member of TDP’s family happily contributes their best towards the growth of the Organization. Innovation, Teamwork, Humility, and Respect for each other are encouraged. HR Department carries out the following assignments with devotion, dedication, professionalism, integrity, responsiveness, and with utmost satisfaction of the management.

HR Responsibilities

1-Recruitment Section – responsible for all Recruitment and Placement activities.
2-Performance Appraisals.
3-Maintaining Work Atmosphere and Managing Disputes.
4-Legal compliance.
5-Public relations.
6-Corporate image.
7-Creates a unique workplace culture.
8-Emphasizes the rules, expectations, and standards for the workplace.
9-Facilitates communication between HR and Management.
10-Eliminates employee uncertainty.
11-Government, EOBI and Social Security Section – responsible for dealing with Government Labor EOBI and Social Security Offices.
12-Employee Relations Section – responsible for facilitating the documentation of employees from hiring to firing as well as initiating and completing various other processes.
13-General Services Section – responsible for providing Support Services to the customers in Visa Processing, Accommodation, Transportation, Flight reservations and Ticketing.
14-Training and Career Development – responsible for evaluating the training needs of the employees and ensuring that there is a proper career development plan for the employees. Strengthens the importance of training and development

Training Program

We at TDP (Geekayz) understand that Training fills the gap between the present level of performance and the expected level of performance. We adopt procedures to help employees to enhance their competence in a planned and systematic manner. The skills of the employees are continuously updated in tune with the requirements.

ERP & Technology Inductions

TDP (Geekayz) has fully integrated ERP which is conceptualized as an “Oracle and SAP-based local network application” which is capable to expand to the cloud to be developed for all kinds of latest OS. Agile rapid application development methodology has been used to fully integrate ERP with the company’s policies and MVC design pattern which is the industry's leading methodology of the time.

We have fully integrated state of art ERP with the Accounting & Finance, HRMS, Inventory Management / Store, Purchase Planning, Gate, Sampling and R&D, Article Planning, Sales & Export, Import-Module, and CRM.

Programming Languages and Tools used:

Visual Studio 2019
Oracle as Database
SAP Crystal Reports Engine
GIT HUB Code Versioning
ORM Entity Framework
W3C Compliance
Bootstrap as Design Framework

Awareness Programs

TDP (Geekayz) always updates its workers with not only technical skills but awareness regarding the social and work environment-based problems. This includes first aid, fire fighting, electric hazards, assembly gatherings, the response of alarms, etc. This has uplifted them from just ordinary skilled workers to valuable social individuals who can also help others.

Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities.At TDP (Geekayz) out human resource department empowers its workers with abilities that are just not limited to work. We arrange friendly sports activities, tours to nature, get to gathers and more. Recreational activities have not only improved the quality of work but also increased the happiness level of all workers who are working on your products. Hence there is lots of handy craft involved in our industry so we always try to put a smile on their faces for the betterment of everybody.

Employee of the Month

TDP (Geekayz) appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve corporate goals and to fulfill its vision statement. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to other employees.