Quality Check

TDP (Geekayz) is famous for its client for quality control. Each unit is inspected and checked under the supervision of the best human resources and technologies right from the raw materials to the dispatch. Yet we always follow deadlines in mind. You products not only arrive on time but you don't have to worry about their quality at all. We aspire you with our quality standard.

Fabric Inspection

On purchasing fabric its quality is checked under the light so that during production company does not have face problems.

Color Matching

Color matching is the process in which pigments, dyes, and special effect colors are combined to achieve a specified color in a specific polymer. A color match often contains additives in addition the colors, such as dispersant and stabilizers.

RFI Checking

This is a separate body quality checking process in which each garment is checked according to the given requirement.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection where every garments falls on the criteria to be eligible for tagging and packing. Expert quality checkers measures each unit. Measurements, sewing, color, printing and embellishment is monitored in this step.

GSM,Bleed & Washing Test

GSM is performed before using the textile. Fabric's bleed test is compulsory before proceeding. Every fabric lot gets tested here in TDP before issuing into production. The wash and color bleed tests are done here with commercial wash and tumble wash as well to check the color's sustainability.